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Christian is an illustrator living in Livorno, Italy.
For over ten years he has collaborated together the pop-punk band Biffers, creating flyers for their gigs.
Since 2017 he has been working within the pop culture, taking also part to the Paris Games Week Art exhibition curated by ARTtitude.

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He was featured in:
HANNIBAL: ARTBOOK (Printed in Blood)
A collection of brand-new art inspired by critically acclaimed horror-thriller TV series Hannibal.

ALIENS: ARTBOOK (Printed in Blood/Titan Books)
A collection of brand-new and exclusive art inspired by classic film Aliens.

GHOSTBUSTERS: ARTBOOK (Printed in Blood/Insight Editions)
A celebration of the iconic film franchise featuring hundreds of artworks from creators all over the World.

An officially licensed artbook including more than 200 posters inspired by the World famous TV Series.

PIXEL UNDERGROUND (ARTtitude/Plan 9 Entertainment)
A selection of 120 posters celebrating the World of videogames.

Q: What tool do you use?
A: I create all of my work digitally using Photoshop.

Q: Do you use references?
A: I love drawing in the most realistic way possible so yes, I use references. Googling images, watching films, taking pictures are all a good mode for getting inspired. In case I'm not able to find what I'm looking for, I create my own 3D models.

Q: How much for you to design something for me?
A: Prices are dependant on the work itself. Please be specific when emailing over any enquiries: the more information you supply the easier it will be to send back a rough quote.

Q: How long for you to complete a piece of work?
A: This is completely dependant on what kind of work it is. Anyway, we will in touch during each step of the project.

Q: So, you are a fan of pop culture...
A: Indeed! I love watching films, every genre. For this reason I have hundreds of DVDs and Blu-rays on my shelves!
I'm one of Stephen King's Constant Readers, I read The Dark Tower series five times.
And sometimes, during my leisure, I love playing the good old videogame glories... Oh! Have I ever told you that I'm an huge fan of the Monkey Island series?